Unindicted Co-Conspirators

Why We Need to Stop Naming Unindicted Co-Conspirators in Grand Jury Indictments

By Corky Goldstein. Senior Counsel, Mooney & Associates In our legal system in America, everybody has the right to counsel and the right to defend oneself, if charged with a crime, but what about those individuals that are never charged but their names are listed as “unindicted co-conspirators” in a Grand Jury Indictment? They have […]

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How to Handle a DUI

When it comes to a DUI, many people have asked me what to do if they are stopped in their vehicle and the police officer believes they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. My first piece of unyielding advice is to never drink or use any substances that could hinder your cognitive abilities […]

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Pennsylvania State Prisons Have Become Warehouses for Mental Patients

The overwhelming majority of women behind bars in state prisons in our country, about 67 percent, are severely mentally sick, and 22 percent of men in state prisons in the U.S. are seriously mentally sick. They belong in secure mental and drug correctional hospitals, which we do not have anywhere near enough of these, only […]

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Right to Not Issue Marriage Licenses to Same Sex Couples

Jill Horner speaks with Attorney Corky Goldstein about the legal issues surrounding the County Clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples in Kentucky.

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PA Prison Inmates Being Released Without Marketing Skills: Hence “Revolving Door”

The revolving door for men released from state prisons in Pennsylvania is at least four out of 10 return to prison within less than two years. This figure had been steady this way until last May. Then, with new educational skill programs and other innovativer programs in PA prisons, the rate has begun to drop, […]

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Does gay marriage protect gays from discrimination?

Gays and other sexual orientations, sexual identity, etc., are individuals who can still be discriminated against in many areas in Pennsylvania. Seventy percent of those who desperately need legal equal protection in the workplace, to rent an apartment, or to get a mortgage, etc., do not have any legal recourse. However, the cities of Harrisburg, […]

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National Award-Winning Mayor from Harrisburg PA, Steve Reed, Under Criminal Investigation

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:The following is the actual transcript from the video tape of ATTORNEY CORKY GOLDSTEIN’S televised statements on the above subject. Attorney Goldstein is a very prominent and well-known criminal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania, who does not represent Mayor Reed, or any of the individuals or Firms that have been already named on […]

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Criminal Defense Lawyer: 12 Necessary Factors You MUST Consider

Below are 12 necessary questions to ask when hiring a criminal defense lawyer in the Harrisburg PA region. These questions come out of 46 years of criminal law experience and working within the Pennsylvania legal system. Don’t just use the phone book or social media alone, and just pick the biggest ad.   Don’t just […]

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CBS 21 News: The Legal Meaning of ‘JUSTICE’ In America

In this video criminal defense attorney, Corky Goldstein, discusses what JUSTICE means under the LAWS in America—it is equivalent to using the words DUE PROCESS. Also, in this video I discuss the responsibilities and mandates of a GRAND JURY.

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Criminal Defense Attorney (Adult and Juvenile), in Federal,State, and County

Criminal Defense Attorney (Adult and Juvenile), in Federal,State, and County, are his main concentration now. Being a well-known former Trial Prosecutor in Philadelphia, and after working for 5 Governors and two Attorney Generals, and now practicing on all levels of criminal defense for almost 40 years,has given this attorney not only the expert knowledge of […]

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