Juvenile Defense Attorney in Central Pennsylvania

If you’re a parent, perhaps one of your worst fears is that you will one day get a knock on the door and see some police officers with bad news. If your child has been arrested in Central Pennsylvania, then it’s time call a juvenile defense attorney to give your child the legal support he needs. Depending on the nature and severity of the crime, the police may take your child to a detention center or leave him at home with you to await a meeting with an intake probation officer. Either way, you need to know and protect your child’s rights. A skilled juvenile defense attorney like Attorney Corky Goldstein can evaluate the facts of the case and be an effective advocate for your child, ensuring their rights are protected at all times.

Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System

Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system sees juvenile crime as something to be approached with “balance”. While the law must protect the public from harm, it must also recognize that children and teens are still growing and are often capable of changing into good, productive citizens even after they’ve committed a crime. The legal term “juvenile” refers to anyone between the ages of 10 and 17.  Juvenile offenses are considered “delinquent acts” rather than crimes. As such, the focus of the juvenile justice system is on rehabilitation, supervision, and treatment rather than punishment.

There are NO jury trials, and juvenile hearings aren’t usually open to the public. After your child’s arrest, he may be dismissed with probation or may enter a detention center, in which case he’ll face a hearing. From there, it will be determined whether or not he’ll be tried as an adult (if the crime was very serious), and whether he’ll get placed in a residential center or sent home on probation with supervision by the Court. No matter what happens, you, as the parent, must be available to law enforcement every step of the way. A juvenile crimes defense attorney will help you with all of the complex issues.

How Juvenile Crime May Affect a Child’s Future

Juvenile crime may affect your child’s future in many ways. Your child may not be able to return to school, and may have their drivers’ license suspended. If your child is an immigrant, the delinquent act may affect his immigration status. Fines may also need to be paid. Additionally, a sample of your child’s DNA may be taken and the data entered into a state database. Furthermore, if your child’s offense was serious, his criminal record will be open to the public.  Finally, your child may not be able to enlist in the military or to work in certain professions.

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