Summary Offenses in Central Pennsylvania

Some crimes do not qualify to be misdemeanors or felonies, so they’re treated somewhat differently in the justice system. Federal summary offenses in Central Pennsylvania are ones that don’t involve a jury and are considered to be relatively minor. However, they must still be taken seriously as they do carry penalties like jail time, and do leave an unfavorable mark on your criminal record. This can affect future employment, background checks, and your reputation. If you’ve been cited for a Federal summary offense, consulting with a summary offenses lawyer in Central Pennsylvania is a smart thing to do. Attorney Corky Goldstein has experience working with summary offense cases and can help protect your reputation.

What is a Summary Offense?

A summary offense is a minor offense that is handled “summarily,” or without an indictment or a full jury trial.  Instead, if you’re accused of a summary offense in a County or by the Federal Court, you may only get a written citation, given to you in person or in the mail. Some examples of summary offenses at the County level include public intoxication, underage drinking, and disorderly conduct. Because a summary offense can affect your criminal record and your future, hiring a criminal defense lawyer in Central Pennsylvania is a good idea.

How a Summary Offense Works

If you’ve been cited for a summary offense, it’s important to know how a summary offense works. First, you’ll receive a written citation. Once received, you’ll have ten days to respond as either “guilty” or “not guilty.” At this stage, it’s good to have a criminal defense attorney around to advise you as to how you should plead, based on the facts and his evaluation of your case. If you don’t respond at all, you could later find a warrant out for your arrest. If you plead guilty, then you’ll be liable for any sentence or penalty that the court chooses to give you. In Pennsylvania, this can be up to 90 days in jail and a fine. For a driving or drinking offense, you may also have your drivers’ license suspended.  If you’ve already responded to a summary offense citation by pleading guilty, you may be able to appeal, if you do so before the deadline. If your offense occurred some time ago, you can discuss having it removed from your record with a criminal defense attorney.

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