DUI Defense in Central Pennsylvania

A DUI is considered a criminal offense in the state of Pennsylvania and is proven by either unlawful breath or blood alcohol level. A DUI defense attorney such as Attorney Corky Goldstein understands all Pennsylvania DUI laws. He has years of experience defending clients and crafting defense strategies that help them get reduced charges, dropped charges, or found not guilty.

Common DUI Defenses

A professional DUI defense attorney can craft possible defenses for clients facing DUI charges. These defenses can often lead to reduced and/or dropped charges. Some possible drunk driving / DWI defense strategies include:

  • No probable cause: Police in Pennsylvania can only detain and arrest someone for a DUI when they have probable cause that someone’s drunk.
  • Defendant wasn’t driving: If someone didn’t have the intention of driving and/or wasn’t driving – perhaps they were simply sitting/sleeping in their car – they may be able to defeat their charge.
  • Breathalyzer Error: Police misuse, equipment malfunction, and electromagnetic interferences can all lead to false positives and a dropped charge.

Call to Speak to a DUI Defense Attorney in Central PA Today

It’s important to hire a DUI defense attorney who has a proven track record of success representing DUI clients. With the help of DUI Attorney Corky Goldstein, you can fight your case. To schedule this professional legal consultation to discuss your DUI/DWI charges, call Attorney Corky Goldstein’s office at 717-991-5919 (Use Direct Line) today. He serves Dauphin County, Cumberland County, and ALL of the surrounding Central Pennsylvania counties.  Attorney Goldstein has his Executive Offices in Harrisburg, PA, but he has 15 fully staffed offices in 9 Counties in Central PA.

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