Attorney Corky Goldstein was born in Harrisburg,Pa. (Dauphin County) at the Polyclinic Hospital. He was raised at 2617 North 2nd. Street and now lives along the Italian Lake, at 2900 Parkside Lane in Harrisburg, Dauphin County. He attended the Harrisburg City Schools from 2nd Grade until he graduated from William Penn High School, where he graduated near the top of his class with high honors. After graduating with honors from Penn State University where he was President of his class, he worked for 1 year for D & H Distributing Company in Harrisburg, Dauphin County, as the Assistant to the President of The Company, the very well-known and highly respected, Maurie Schwab.

He then went to The Dickinson School of Law in Carlisle, Pa.(Cumberland County) where he was President of The Student Body and Student Bar Association, and graduated with honors. When he graduated from law school, he was asked to address the graduating class. Corky established Dauphin County Legal Services for the poor, which is now called Mid-Penn Legal Services in Dauphin and Cumberland Counties. He served as the first Executor Director of this legal service project,which was named as one of the top ten most effective legal service projects in The United States, when he was Executive Director. His Office was directly across the Street from The Dauphin County Court House. Governor Shapp of Pa., at the time, then appointed him as his Chief Deputy Insurance Commisioner of Pa., and his Offices were in Dauphin County. When that appointment was over, he opened up his law practice in Dauphin County, and represented clients from all over Dauphin, Cumberland York, and Perry Counties.

He was active in the Dauphin County Junior Chamber of Commerce, was named the most outstanding young men in Dauphin County, and then was named one of The Three Most Outstanding Young Men in Pa. He served on the Harrisburg School Board, Vice-President of The Harrisburg City Council, Harrisburg City Solicitor, and countless other Boards, all in Dauphin County. Although he practices criminal law in many Counties in Pennsylvania, and has 13 Law Offices in several counties, his executive law office is in Harrisburg, Dauphin County,Pennsylvania. Attorney Goldstein does on-air legal consulting for WHP-TV 21, located in Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

He also represents The Pa. Bar Association on Comcast-TV on legal cases and issues from their television studios in Dauphin County. He also does the legal video blogs for WHP-TV 21 CBS NEWS from their studios in Dauphin County, which are distributed all over Pennsylvania. Corky’s wife of 42 years is the COO of the Capital Region Economic Development Corporation, known as CREDC, whose main Office is in Harrisburg, Dauphin County. Corky is the appointed Deputy Prothonotary for The Dauphin County Courts for Naturalization. He was named by several Harrisburg newspapers in Dauphin County, as, “The Prince of Harrisburg,Pa.

His outstanding legal skills and his website, as been recognized by The National Association of Distinguished Professionals. Corky has neen named a life-time member of “Whose Who” by the Strathmore Group, and was awarded that honor at The Dauphin County Bar Association, of which he is a member. He was listed as one of the most influential members of The Legal Community in Dauphin County by The HARRISBURG MAGAZINE. He was appointed by Governor Richard Thornburgh to The State Medical Board, who have their executive offices in Dauphin County. Corky was appointed by The Dauphin County Court to be a Custody Concillator in Dauphin County.

Over 46 years, Attorney Goldstein, has handled thousands of criminal law cases in Dauphin County alone. For his legal work in Dauphin County and his creating legal teaching programs for the public schools in Dauphin County, he was awarded a special public service award by The Pennsylvania and American Bar Associations. He wrote two TV legal series on the law for high school students and one was aired on WITF-TV ( a public television station in Dauphin County), called, “The Just Generation”, and the other TV series was for The Harrisburg Area Community College Student TV Station(in Dauphin County) ,and it was called, “The Decade of Justice”.

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