Cyber Crime Lawyer in Central PA (State or Federal Charges)

Nearly everyone in the modern world relies on computers to get things done. Computers are used in almost every area of commerce, from banking to the healthcare industry. It’s common for people to provide their personal information to businesses and others online, but sometimes in that process, things go wrong.

If you’ve been accused of fraudulent activity while using a computer, you need to know about computer crimes defense in Central Pennsylvania. Computer crimes carry serious penalties. Having such a crime on your record will destroy your business relationships and credibility in the cyber world. Experienced legal help from someone like Attorney Corky Goldstein is key to having a favorable outcome for your case in Central Pennsylvania.

Types of Computer Crimes

Computers are amazingly intelligent machines that are programmed and run by intelligent and creative people. Unfortunately, computer crimes are rampant and only limited by that creativity. Computer crimes include improperly accessing a network, introducing a computer virus into a network, stealing or modifying software, and using a computer to commit some type of fraud or crime. The list of possible computer crimes that a person can commit is outlined in Pennsylvania state law and is very, very long. That’s why, if you’ve been accused or charged with such a crime, you need the expert advice of Attorney Corky Goldstein.

Pennsylvania Computer Crime Penalties

Computer crimes are serious business and carry steep penalties. Violating the Pennsylvania computer crime statutes is usually charged as a third-degree felony and can result in a prison term of up to seven years and hefty fines. The person charged may also have to pay a large amount of restitution to the victim, which can include lost profits, repairs, or expenses related to the restoration of lost data. Additionally, having a computer crime on a criminal record can ruin a person’s reputation. Criminal Defense Attorney Corky Goldstein, will use his knowledge of computers to represent you and will protect your precious business reputation.

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