Pennsylvania State Prisons Have Become Warehouses for Mental Patients

The overwhelming majority of women behind bars in state prisons in our country, about 67 percent, are severely mentally sick, and 22 percent of men in state prisons in the U.S. are seriously mentally sick. They belong in secure mental and drug correctional hospitals, which we do not have anywhere near enough of these, only […]

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PA Prison Inmates Being Released Without Marketing Skills: Hence “Revolving Door”

The revolving door for men released from state prisons in Pennsylvania is at least four out of 10 return to prison within less than two years. This figure had been steady this way until last May. Then, with new educational skill programs and other innovativer programs in PA prisons, the rate has begun to drop, […]

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Did Kim Davis have right to not issue same sex marriage licenses?

The elected County Clerk, a government official in Kentucky, refused to issue marriage licenses to those who had met all the requirements under law if they were same -sex couples. She was eventually jailed for violation of the law, and the oath of office she took to uphold the law when she was installed as […]

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Does gay marriage protect gays from discrimination?

Gays and other sexual orientations, sexual identity, etc., are individuals who can still be discriminated against in many areas in Pennsylvania. Seventy percent of those who desperately need legal equal protection in the workplace, to rent an apartment, or to get a mortgage, etc., do not have any legal recourse. However, the cities of Harrisburg, […]

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National Award-Winning Mayor from Harrisburg PA, Steve Reed, Under Criminal Investigation

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:The following is the actual transcript from the video tape of ATTORNEY CORKY GOLDSTEIN’S televised statements on the above subject. Attorney Goldstein is a very prominent and well-known criminal defense lawyer in Pennsylvania, who does not represent Mayor Reed, or any of the individuals or Firms that have been already named on […]

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Are the race riots in Baltimore and other cities just the beginning?

Are the race riots in Baltimore and in other cities just the beginning? I do not know. However, we must begin immediately, like now, in every city in America, particularly in inner cities, to gather the honorable leaders of the black community, with the city officials, police and fire, and other major officials to have ongoing, honest meetings to discuss any issues that people think exist.

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Outrageous Racial and Anti-Semitism Video on College Campus, Lack of Patriotism

The video below covers the outrageous racial and anti-semitism acts from college campuses around the country and the overall lack of patriotism.

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Corky’s Court: Sexual Violence, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, By Our Kids

We read, hear, and see on TV almost every day, another devastating situation or arrest for the dangerous decisions and illegal conduct, dealing with drugs, alcohol, or sex, of far too many of our young people.

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What is Our Mission Today? Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

As we celebrate the national holiday named for one of the greatest leaders and visionaries of our time, is this just another day for people to be off from work, go shopping, or just hang out?

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CBS 21 News: The Legal Meaning of ‘JUSTICE’ In America

In this video criminal defense attorney, Corky Goldstein, discusses what JUSTICE means under the LAWS in America—it is equivalent to using the words DUE PROCESS. Also, in this video I discuss the responsibilities and mandates of a GRAND JURY.

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