Drug Crimes Defense Attorney in Central Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania classifies drugs into five schedules. Drug laws include possession, distribution, sale, manufacturing, and trafficking of a dangerous controlled substance in the State. A conviction for drug crimes can lead to very severe penalties.

If you’ve been accused of a drug crime, Attorney Corky Goldstein’s Law Office can represent you the way that you need to be. Our highly experienced legal team understands all Pennsylvania drug laws and can possibly help you get reduced or dropped charges, with effective defense strategies.

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Central PA

Drug crimes are taken seriously in Pennsylvania and carry stiff penalties. These vary depending on the charge and both the type and schedule of the drug. A drug crimes Defense Attorney can guide you with your drug charges and the upcoming legal process. At the law offices of Attorney Corky Goldstein, we have many years of experience creating effective strategies and defenses to help our clients get charges dropped or reduced, when possible.

About Drug Possession Charges Defenses

Some common drug possession defense strategies involve failure to hear one’s Miranda rights, drug dogs, illegal stop and seizure, and more. During a professional legal consultation, we can discuss your case and brainstorm with you.

Drug Manufacturing Charges Defense

Attorney Corky Goldstein has strong knowledge of all drug crimes laws in the State, as well as the skills and resources to successfully represent individuals who come to his offices for expertise on the matters at hand. He and his associates have helped countless individuals fight drug crime cases in Central Pennsylvania and can craft a defense strategy to suit your specific case.

Schedule a Professional Legal Consultation with a Drug Defense Attorney in Central Pennsylvania Today

If you’re facing a drug charge of any magnitude, you need a drug Defense Attorney by your side. Attorney Corky Goldstein has the experience, and proven track record of the success needed to represent clients like you in Pennsylvania. To schedule a professional legal consultation, call his Law Office at 717-991-5919 (Use Direct Line) today. He also serves Dauphin, Cumberland, Franklin, York, and all surrounding counties in Central Pennsylvania.  Knowing the law is just part of Attorney Corky Goldstein’s tremendous expertise.  The other part is knowing how the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania “actually” works.  He also knows and is very well respected by the people involved along the way; investigators, police officers, prosecutors, probation officers, and Judges.

Please Call 717-991-5919 (Use Direct Line) for our HOTLINE on all criminal matters. We ask you to call this number during normal workday hours (M-F 8 AM to 5 PM). Evening appointments are also available.  Most consultations are done in the office, but, if needed, phone consults may be established. HOWEVER, IF A CRIMINAL MATTER, and if it’s an “EMERGENCY”, we urge you to call us “anytime” after regular business hours, on weekends & on holidays.

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