Hate Crimes Attorney in Pennsylvania

Nobody needs to tell you that today’s world is one of tremendous conflict, great fear, and hatred and violence. Members of different groups are many times afraid of one another. Because of this, you may one day find yourself in the serious position of being charged with a hate crime. If this has happened, it’s important to learn about hate crimes defense in Pennsylvania. For example, you should know that in order to be convicted of a hate crime, the prosecution must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed a crime against a person or a group specifically because of their race, ethnic background, sexual information, etc. Hate Crimes Attorney Corky Goldstein is an expert criminal law defense Attorney in Central Pennsylvania and can be your advocate in your hate crimes defense case.

What is a Hate Crime?  It is ALWAYS a Federal Crime.

In Pennsylvania, a hate crime in Central Pennsylvania is called ethnic intimidation. This is any crime that is motivated and committed out of hatred toward the race, color, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation of another individual or group. The most common type of hate crime in Pennsylvania is vandalism and destruction of property, but other types like attempted murder, murder, assault, harassment, or threats do occur. There are some clear-cut cases in which ethnic intimidation can’t really be established.  For example, committing a crime and calling a victim a derogatory name does not automatically make it a case of ethnic intimidation. What makes a crime ethnic intimidation is that the clear intention was to create fear of harm to someone’s person or property because of the above reasons.

Consequences of Being Accused of a Hate Crime

The crime of ethnic intimidation is classified much higher than any crime committed along with it. Federal law states that a bias-motivated violent crime of any sort is punishable by ten years to life in prison, so the penalties are quite severe. But this is only the beginning. Even if you’re found innocent of a hate crime, the accuser can still bring a civil action against you, which has a lower burden of proof than the crime of ethnic intimidation. Additionally, if the media hears about your accusation, or if it goes on your criminal record, you could be an outcast from society, possibly for the rest of your life. This is why hiring a hate crimes defense attorney in Central Pennsylvania is crucial if you are accused of such a crime.

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