Criminal Law Attorney in Central Pennsylvania

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you will be overwhelmed by the complexity of the justice system. A criminal trial lawyer in Central Pennsylvania is one of the first people you need to talk with to make sure that you have the best advocate to represent you during this scary and challenging time. Criminal trial lawyers can deal with both state and federal charges, and are knowledgeable of Pennsylvania’s criminal laws, bail bond issues, and plea bargaining. An expert criminal law attorney, such as Corky Goldstein, will interview witnesses, evaluate the facts, and deal with the prosecution and the criminal justice system to get you the best outcome for your case in Central Pennsylvania.  The most important decision you will make is who you choose to represent you in any criminal case.

What is Criminal Law

Criminal law is the category of law that deals with acts that are considered crimes in Central Pennsylvania. Criminal law is different from civil law, which deals with the resolution of various legal controversies and usually has penalties that don’t involve anything more than monetary damages. Criminal law penalties are more severe and include imprisonment and hefty fines. The three types of crimes a person can be found guilty of are felonies, misdemeanors, and summaries. Felonies are the more serious type of offense and include crimes like murder, robbery, arson, rape, burglary, aggravated assault, etc.  Misdemeanors are still very serious and include crimes that do not fit into the Felony category.  Summaries are less serious, but can be on your public record, fines can be very high, and jail time could be involved.

All criminal law crimes must have two elements:

  1. Mens rea – this means that the perpetrator of the crime has the mental capacity to intend to commit the crime in the first place.
  2. Actus reus – the crime must have actually been committed.

Without these two elements, there’s no crime.

When You Would Need a Criminal Law Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Central Pennsylvania, it’s important to know when you would need a criminal trial lawyer. Crimes that fall into the category of criminal law include homicide, robbery, kidnapping, various types of domestic violence, rape and other sex crimes, drug trafficking and alcohol-related crime, child abuse, fraud, and cyber crimes, just to name a few.

Anyone who is accused or charged with any crimes should consult with an experienced criminal trial lawyer who can evaluate the facts of the case and work with the justice system to present a valid defense that can possibly improve the sentencing outcome, if convicted. Attorney Corky Goldstein is that kind of experienced lawyer and can help you get through the legal maze.

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Don’t face your criminal charges by yourself. If you’ve been charged with a crime, schedule a professional legal consultation with an excellent criminal law attorney in Central Pennsylvania. Attorney Corky Goldstein has his Executive Offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and also serves Dauphin County, Cumberland County, and ALL of the surrounding Central Pennsylvania counties.

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