Grand Jury Lawyer in Central Pennsylvania

A grand jury is a way of investigating a criminal case before it ever reaches a courtroom for trial. If you’ve been called to appear before a grand jury, you have the right to an Attorney. Representation before a grand jury in Central Pennsylvania is an intelligent option because it can afford an inexperienced defendant the opportunity to have his defense presented in the most favorable light.

A grand jury can make a recommendation as to whether or not the defendant should be charged with the crime, and then tried and sentenced. For this reason, it’s important for a defendant to hire a criminal defense lawyer with experienced representation before a grand jury in Central Pennsylvania.

Grand Jury Lawyer Corky Goldstein has nearly fifty years of experience with criminal law cases and can help you with your grand jury appearance.

The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Process

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Central Pennsylvania, it’s important to understand the grand jury process. In the state of Pennsylvania, a grand jury has investigative powers, but not the power to indict a defendant. The grand jury consists of 24 jurors who are citizens with jury duty, just like those who appear at a trial. Their job is to work with the prosecutor to determine whether or not you should actually be charged with the crime of which you’ve been accused. These jurors will consider the evidence of the case, and can question anyone they think can help shed light on it. A grand jury can then issue a “presentment” recommending that the prosecutor charges you with the crime, or simply issue a report not recommending any further charge. All grand jury proceedings are confidential.

Your Rights Before a Pennsylvania Grand Jury

If you are subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, you have the right to have your own defense attorney who may be present at all proceedings. He can tell you whether or not it is to your advantage to present all of your testimony to the members of the grand jury, and can advise you during the questioning. He’ll also help you understand what you could be liable for and keep from incriminating yourself. After all, even though the proceedings in a grand jury hearing are confidential, the District Attorney, Attorney General, or U.S. Attorney, can provide the police with relevant information from the hearing so that they can continue their investigation. This means that you, as the defendant, must be careful of what you say.

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