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When experience counts, when time and personal attention matter, there is only one name that comes to mind. Corky Goldstein is a serious attorney and a Central Pennsylvania area household name for decades. You always need a respected member of the legal establishment on your side when involved in any legal matter.

Attorney Corky Goldstein has been a radio and TV commentator on all issues in the law for many years on his own shows. He also frequently appeared on Court TV, “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle,” produced in Philadelphia and shown nationally, and on “Comcast Newsmakers” for the PA Bar Association. One client put it best, “If I have any legal concern on any issue at all, I sit down and talk to Corky and get his input. He also does blogs on various legal topics. His experience and competency in the law cannot be matched.” Another client said, “Corky is respected by everybody, particularly everyone involved in the criminal justice system.”
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Attorney Goldstein specializes in criminal defense on all levels – County, State, and Federal. He serves in the surrounding counties: Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Adams, Perry, Lebanon, and Franklin. This is an all service firm including, but not limited to:

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Unindicted Co-Conspirators

Why We Need to Stop Naming Unindicted Co-Conspirators in Grand Jury Indictments

By Corky Goldstein. Senior Counsel, Mooney & Associates In our legal system in America, everybody has the right to counsel and the right to defend oneself, if charged with a crime, but what about those individuals that are never charged but their names are listed as “unindicted co-conspirators” in a Grand Jury Indictment? They have […]

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Attorney General

Why We Should Separately Elect The Attorney General of the United States

As a society, we all generally agree that if a law is broken, it is enforced with a penalty. However, what happens when the person responsible for being the driving force behind the laws we’ve all agreed upon can’t be trusted to enforce laws that are meant to protect us from corruption? October 20, 1973, […]

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How to Handle a DUI

When it comes to a DUI, many people have asked me what to do if they are stopped in their vehicle and the police officer believes they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. My first piece of unyielding advice is to never drink or use any substances that could hinder your cognitive abilities […]

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