When it comes to a DUI, many people have asked me what to do if they are stopped in their vehicle and the police officer believes they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. My first piece of unyielding advice is to never drink or use any substances that could hinder your cognitive abilities before operating a motor vehicle. It is important to remember that driving is a privilege. You certainly do not want to hurt or at worse kill someone, or yourself. It is important to think about your loved ones and how they would react if they were the victim.

Cooperation is Key

If, however, you do find yourself pulled over for a potential DUI my advice is to fully cooperate. Provide the police officer with your name, license, and registration. If you are asked to partake of a breathalyzer or blood test it is important that you do not refuse. Refusing can result in your license being suspended for 12 months. If you have previously been suspended for similar reasons, have previous refusals or DUIs, your license could be suspended for 18 months.

Your Next Step

In the event you are pulled over, tested for drugs or alcohol, and find yourself charged with a DUI, the first thing you should do is write down everything you can remember from the time of the incident. This includes everything before, during, and after the charge.  Once you have your notes organized you need to choose an experienced criminal defense attorney. Do not hesitate to set up a consultation. Court dates can pop up fast and you don’t want to head to court without proper representation.

How We Can Help with Your DUI Charge

We have a 24/7 hotline: 717-991-5919 (Use Direct Line) ready to assist you in setting up an immediate consultation to discuss your options moving forward.

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