Mail Fraud Lawyer in Central Pennsylvania (A Federal Crime)

Mail fraud crimes involve the use of the United States Postal Service (USPS) to commit fraud. To convict someone of mail fraud, it must be proven that they made false representations or promises with the intention of defrauding another person, and used the mail to do so. A skilled mail fraud charges defense lawyer can show this was not the case and can build a strong defense for your case. Mail Fraud Lawyer Corky Goldstein of Central Pennsylvania is ready to be your advocate as you deal with the justice system after your charges are made.

Penalties for Mail Fraud Charges

Penalties for mail fraud charges in Central Pennsylvania vary depending upon the severity and circumstances of the case. A mail fraud conviction can result in up to twenty years in a Federal prison, or more if the fraud involved a federal disaster relief system. Fines imposed for a mail fraud conviction can also range from $250,000 to as high as a million dollars if a financial institution is involved. If the party convicted of mail fraud stole money from a group of people, he may also have to pay restitution so that they get their money back. Lesser crimes can involve probation, in which various freedoms are limited. Probation also requires that the convicted party report to a probation officer or submit to random drug tests. Having legal counsel could very well reduce your penalties and sentencing associated with your mail fraud crime.

Defenses for Mail Fraud Charges

There are many possible defenses for mail fraud charges. If a person who has been charged with mail fraud did not intend to cheat someone out of property or money, then mail fraud has not been committed. Also, in order for a mail fraud conviction to be made, it must be proven that the use of the mail system was specifically related to committing some act of fraud. The fraud perpetrator must also have used some sort of material misrepresentation, such as false statements or information designed to cheat someone out of some money. Finally, if a search in a mail fraud investigation is conducted illegally without an authorizing warrant, any evidence collected in this way can be suppressed. If you’ve been charged with a mail order fraud offense, Attorney Corky Goldstein of Central Pennsylvania can build you a strong and effective defense.

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