Child Pornography Lawyer

Adult pornography is legal and available to viewers online in the ever-changing cyber world.  Because of the complexity of this world, many misunderstandings can lead to being charged with a child pornography offense. A child pornography offense carries severe penalties and adds you to a database that can permanently damage your reputation and possibly your livelihood.

If you have been accused or charged with such a crime, do not face these charges alone. Defense Attorney Corky Goldstein and his trained associates have many years of experience defending all types of these cases in Central Pennsylvania. His expertise will serve you well.

What to Do if Charged with a Child Pornography Offense

To be charged with a child pornography offense, someone must knowingly possess, receive, or distribute a depiction of a minor who is engaged in some sort of sexual or sexually related conduct. Downloading something of this nature by accident is not a crime.

If you’ve been charged with a child pornography offense, there may be a search warrant, and all of your computers and cell phones will be seized. Do not say anything to the police, and do not let anyone say anything to them on your behalf, either. You are probably not going to get your electronics back for a while, even if no charges are ever brought, as the forensic investigation may take many months. In the meantime, you may want to hire a computer expert of your own to give input on the browsers or caching systems that you were using, as well as legal counsel to represent you immediately. Attorney Corky Goldstein of Central Pennsylvania understands your fears and will represent you with skill and respect.

Possible Defenses of a Child Pornography Offense Charge

For a child pornography offense charge to be valid, it has to be known that you intended to possess or distribute the child pornography, knowing exactly what it was. Showing that this was not the case is one possible defense. Another defense can be crafted if you were using a computer that had other users besides yourself. Maybe your Uncle Jerry was over for a holiday and thought it would be fun to surf the Net. If he only used the computer even once and downloaded a child porn video, you are not responsible for the crime. There are also downloads that can be found on various websites that do not show all of their content when you initially download them and may carry a few unpleasant surprises with them when viewed later on. If this happened to you, it may mean you were careless, but not that you’re guilty of a crime.

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