Below are 12 necessary questions to ask when hiring a criminal defense lawyer in the Harrisburg PA region. These questions come out of 46 years of criminal law experience and working within the Pennsylvania legal system.

  1. Don’t just use the phone book or social media alone, and just pick the biggest ad.
  2. Don’t just go for the lowest price, fee, or retainer you can find— remember, this is your life,and your life is highly  important to you and your family- and in many cases “you get what you pay for”, as they say.
  3. Visit with the Criminal Defense Lawyer or Lawyers in person you select, if possible and see if you truly  feel comfortable and secure.
  4. Read about the criminal defense lawyers reputation from many different sources, not just one.
  5. Talk to people you trust and get their opinions.
  6. Always remember, EVERY criminal defense lawyer is different, so it is not like comparing a price of a product and seeing who has the lowest price and the best reputation for service of that product.
  7. When you visit with the criminal defense lawyer, and they promise you a certain result, that is a lawyer you do NOT want to hire.
  8. The only promise you want from a lawyer who is representing you is that he/she will do EVERYTHING they can, under the law, to get you the best results possible.
  9. Does the criminal defense lawyer not only understand the law, but does he/she sincerely know how the criminal justice system really works
  10. Finally, if you hire a criminal defense lawyer, always have good ongoing communication, BUT, let the lawyer be the “expert”, as the lawyer is the one with the training, experience, and knowledge of how best to help you.
  11. Be totally honest with your Lawyer, so there are no surprises during the representation.
  12. When you sign the Engagement Letter with the Lawyer, make sure you fully understand the fee structure, and when money is to be paid.

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Attorney Corky Goldstein has been a radio and TV commentator on all issues in the law for many years on his own shows. He also frequently appeared on Court TV, “It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle,” produced in Philadelphia and shown nationally, and on “Comcast Newsmakers” for the PA Bar Association. One client put it best, “If I have any legal concern on any issue at all, I sit down and talk to Corky and get his input. His experience and competency in the law cannot be matched.” Another client said,: “Corky knows everybody, particularly all of the people involved in the criminal justice system.”

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