As we celebrate the national holiday named for one of the greatest leaders and visionaries of our time, is this just another day for people to be off from work, go shopping, or just hang out?

Unfortunately, that is the case for so many. I started my day at the annual MLK remembrance breakfast. It was so inspiring to be again reminded of how really far we have come in America.

But, the speakers reminded all of us in that room how much work still needs to be done on so many levels. Not just to continue our ongoing struggle to make race a total non-issue in the United States, which has recently taken a major set-back, but, also for continuing the difficult (sometimes beneath the surface) struggle, to make other human differences we have and see among all of us, and in our world, those differences to be fully accepted and honored by each and every one of us in our society.

Real meaningful acceptance of diversity is what will make us even stronger as a country and happier as human beings.

Can you imagine living with that kind of ongoing hate? I pity them who do. I re-read this morning again one of the greatest speeches of my generation, the “I Have a Dream” speech made 50 years ago by Dr. King. I have watched it also on video many times.

I strongly urge everyone to take a few minutes to read or re-read that emotional speech, and discuss the meaning of it and valuable lessons he spoke of with your children or grandchildren.

The speech to me, however, is much more than just dealing with the very dangerous racial divide that existed before that time, and at that time, but still exists today on many levels, but very clearly in a much, much better environment.

We are truly moving forward, but, we also must continue to move forward (although great strides have been made) on honest and open acceptance of the gay community, rid others who feel that way, of anti-Semitism, acceptance of the transgender community, like governor-elect Tom Wolf just did by a cabinet appointment, and acceptance of those who come from different backgrounds from us.

Yes, I also have a dream, that before I leave this earth, all these differences will not define any of us. What will define us, and our legacy, will be our character.

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