Criminal Defense Attorney (Adult and Juvenile), in Federal,State, and County, are his main concentration now. Being a well-known former Trial Prosecutor in Philadelphia, and after working for 5 Governors and two Attorney Generals, and now practicing on all levels of criminal defense for almost 40 years,has given this attorney not only the expert knowledge of criminal law itself, but a most important understanding of the people involved along the way, and how the system really works.

This actual in- depth experience in courtrooms in Central and South Central Pa.,especially in Dauphin and Cumberland Counties, was stated by several criminal defense lawyers when Corky was recognized by the Pa. Bar Association: “No one knows the inner workings of the criminal justice system any better, and has had the brilliant success that proves it, then Attorney Corky Goldstein”. Another prominent presenter at that special award ceremony said,”No one consistently works harder for his clients,no matter how small or large the case might be, with such focused  passion, along with him having earned the great respect from top-notch prosecutors, Judges,and his former clients, for his class and his personal integrity, then Corky.

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