Just when our elected and appointed leaders on all levels have finally agreed on a well researched and negotiated path to move Harrisburg forward, the obstruction and negativity from Dan Miller surfaces again with the filing of an appeal in the courts.

I sincerely applaud City Receiver William Lynch, his team, and all our local and state government officials who have made this possible. I know that there are those residents who feel we need more time to review everything, and I respect those individuals.

However, we are just out of time.

Dan Miller, however, would not approve any plan other than bankruptcy. It has been almost four long and very difficult years of sometimes bitter confrontations and intense dialogue. With this recovery agreement, we can truly begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Is this plan perfect or a guarantee for us? Certainly not. But it is a positive step for our great city. Of course, this appeal is nothing unexpected from Mr. Miller.

He still cannot understand why the voters rejected him in May’s mayoral primary. He definitely got his message out loud and clear before the campaign and during the primary.

And the people who did not vote for him, just did not accept his vision for their own future. He stated that he lost because he was outspent.
Is this plan perfect or a guarantee for us? Certainly not. But it is a positive step for our great city.

Not true.

Eric Papenfuse has new ideas and presents a proven picture of sincerely trying to bring people from many different perspectives together. He has done exactly that with his Midtown Scholar bookstore.

I am hopeful that Mr. Miller’s legal appeals will be dismissed as quickly as possible, so we can settle everything before the end of this year.

The City Council had its own knowledgeable lawyers carefully review the plan, and they were given a green light to approve it. Dan Miller is certainly entitled to his own opinions, but he is not entitled to create his own facts to support his opinions.

In the political world there will always be strong disagreements on major issues, which is very healthy and how a democracy should work for the people. But, once the decision is made by all the parties, which in this case, are many, from different individuals, organizations, and governmental bodies, it is the time to work together to achieve the goals set forth.

Those politicians who continue to obstruct after the battle is over, are clearly demonstrating they are more concerned with their own personal agenda.

If we do not close by the end of this year, it is highly possible that this path to a hopeful financial recovery will be lost, and municipal bankruptcy will be inevitable, which would be a disaster for Harrisburg.

Corky Goldstein, an attorney, writes from Harrisburg.


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